"Natalia is an exceptionally talented pianist with an unusual ability for very expressive musicality. On top of that, she has a lovely, warm, and outgoing personality.  She shines!" 
Patricia Fuller  
Pianist, music director, and teacher for over 30 years

"Natalia has been teaching my daughter for about a year now and she has made tremendous progress in a short amount of time. She goes the extra mile to teach as much as possible in the allotted time and gives of herself to her students. She has made my daughter comfortable with performing and fostered and encouraged her love of music. I am a pianist myself and so I was very careful in choosing someone to instruct my daughter. It was a great decision and I hope she can stay with Natalia for years to come!"  
Jason McNally, pianist, organist and educator  

"Natalia Hudson is a truly gifted and talented pianist and teacher! She can teach the most difficult things about playing the piano with comfort and ease. I highly recommend her for anyone who is ready to learn piano."   

Harlan Redmond   
Executive Director at Harambee Ministries and School, educator, singer

"Natalia Hudson is a gem."

"Her approach is gentle yet firm while keeping a pleasant and happy vibe in lessons. An incredibly accomplished classical pianist, Natalia is able to break technique down to its most essential elements and build. She understands the sequential nature of learning music and always makes sure concepts are learned before moving on. This in turn eliminates the holes that make kids frustrated causing them to give up and quit." 
"She also has extensive training in early childhood music education. This gives her insight to understanding children on a developmental level. This is probably one of the most important aspects of teaching kids. She is listening and watching and assessing their needs constantly to make sure she is meeting them where they are. If more teachers did this, we would have many more people making music in this world." 
"Whether she is teaching a 6 year old beginner or a teen getting ready for college auditions she is 100% present in the moment and one the finest piano teachers you will ever find. You can finally stop looking. You've found the right one!" 
Laura Porter 
Director, Bloom School of Music and Dance