Sonata/Sonatina Festival April 2021
  • Sonata/Sonatina Festival April 2021
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The Sonata/Sonatina Festival is designed to give students a written critique of their performance. Students prepare a Sonata or Sonatina to be graded by an adjucator. One or more movements are accepted from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Contemporary eras. All music must be memorized. Performance ratings are: Outstanding, Excellent, Good, Needs Improvement. Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention medals will be awarded. Deadline to apply is April 1st. Video submissions for 2021 are due by April 17th. The Performance Workshop, in preparation for the recordings, is Saturday April 10th, one week before the video submissions deadline. Results announced on May 1st!

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Composers Contest August 2021
  • Composers Contest August 2021
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Students are guided in the process of creating and composing their own piano piece, which will be adjucated by a professional composer. Students may add artwork or creative writing to go along with their piece. Students will receive written feedback and a grade from the adjucator. A Performance Workshop will be held where the students can perform their own music on Saturday August 21st. Compositions and videos must be submitted by August 28th.

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Weekly Lessons
45 minutes or 1 hour continued on an ongoing basis

Intensive Program
1½ to 2 hours 
*minimum weekly time for auditions, festivals, Certificate of Merit, competitions, and college or graduate school auditions

Collaborative Program                                                     1½ to 2 hours
*participate in chamber ensembles as a duo, trio, quartet, or quintet with vocal, strings, and other various instruments

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