The Power of Consistency

Whether it’s at work, or relationships, or studying a musical instrument, consistency has the power to transform. Children especially do well with consistency because it creates an environment of stability and structure in which optimal learning occurs.  At school, students are encouraged to study over weeks or months instead of cramming a few nights before an exam. Likewise, when learning a musical instrument, the most progress occurs by consistent practice during the week over an extended period of time. 

At home, parents can optimize their child’s learning by creating a time, space and a daily routine in which to play their instrument. Consistently attending weekly lessons and being on time is often overlooked as a key component to success in learning.  Going to concerts, listening to music, and making music in the home together are also ways in which parents can foster a student’s musical aptitude. 

In addition to requiring a lot of mental effort, playing an instrument is also a very physical activity. Just as an athlete trains for a marathon, a game, or the olympics, learning to play an instrument takes constant, consistent physically engaging in the activity to train the mind-to-body connection. 

Tip of the week for parents: when thinking of ways to help your child learn at home, choose and demonstrate consistency.

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